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Berkeley SkyDeck

Name of Service: Accelerator

Sibyl Chen

Cost: No-Cost
Description of Product / Service:
Berkeley SkyDeck supports startups founded by UC Berkeley students, alumni, and faculty who are seeking to bring their scientific and technical discoveries to market, and commercialize groundbreaking UC Berkeley research. SkyDeck also welcomes startups founded by affiliates of any of the ten University of California campuses, and startups who are located outside the US seeking to connect with students and faculty at UC Berkeley. Many SkyDeck programs support education for UC Berkeley students through internships, professional development, and opportunities for students to learn about startup creation and launch. SkyDeck aims to further the university’s scientific research and educational purposes by helping to ensure that the university’s research is made available to the public at large through commercialization. SkyDeck is industry-agnostic: we accept applications from companies in all industries.