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City of Oakley Emerges as a Hub for Commerce, Entrepreneurship, and Transportation

Contra Costa Logistics Center, completed in 2023.

Nestled beyond the vast expanse of the San Francisco Bay, the City of Oakley’s rich history traces back to its days as a thriving railroad community on the Santa Fe railroad line and proudly stood as San Francisco’s eastern cropland and orchards in the 1960s. Established on July 1, 1999, Oakley is a vibrant city and recognized as one of California’s most recent additions.


Today, Oakley has flourished into a thriving suburban haven, showcasing business and commercial regions with detailed planning, beautifully landscaped parks, and a variety of shopping destinations.  Oakley, often celebrated as a haven for leisure and sports recreation, shines as a premier destination for bass fishing tournaments and offers unparalleled fishing and boating adventures along the Delta, which is widely acclaimed as one of America’s top five bass fishing locations. Oakley masterfully blends progress with pleasure, creating a peaceful retreat for enthusiasts and families alike.


New Epicenter for Industrial Commerce


Contra Costa Logistics Center, developed by North Point, completed its five-building construction in 2023. This significant development is enhancing the regional logistics and distribution capabilities. The state-of-the-art center, unique in east Contra Costa, spans approximately 1.7 million square feet on around 140 acres. This development is categorized as Class A light industrial, warehousing, distribution, e-commerce fulfillment, and light manufacturing and has been generating over 1,800 jobs on-site.


The Logistics Center is located on the eastern edge of the Northern Waterfront Economic Development Initiative near the junction of SR-4 and CA-160, providing optimal transportation access with proximity to the SR-160 and Wilbur Avenue highway on-ramp, along with competitive drayage costs. This economic impact reaches far beyond Oakley and promises significant benefits to the wider region.


In 2023 the City of Oakley received an application from JB2 Partners LLC for the Bridgehead Industrial Project. This project includes the development of a 3.2 million square foot light industrial and logistics facility, located in the area of the existing Contra Costa Logistics Center, primarily on the Cline properties. The project is expected to generate substantial property, potential sales taxes, and approximately 4,000 new jobs. The development plans include both large and small-scale industrial buildings.


Oakley City Hall is a signature landmark in the heart of downtown's civic plaza.

Cultivating Entrepreneurial Success in Oakley’s Downtown Revitalization


The City is taking the lead in significant developments in its downtown area with a focus on enhancing transportation and supporting local entrepreneurship. Oakley’s downtown integrated transportation infrastructure project is a key initiative that includes the construction of a new Amtrak train platform station situated north of Main Street between 2nd Street and Norcross Lane. This platform will not only facilitate Amtrak connections but also link the Tri Delta Transit bus service to the new train station alongside a new Park & Ride lot at Cypress Road and Main Street.


The train platform’s location is nestled downtown on Main Street and adjacent to the upcoming Main Street Plaza, envisioned as a hub for civic events and markets. Its proximity to essential city landmarks like City Hall, the Civic Center Park, and local restaurants, all within a five-minute walk, underscores its strategic importance. The project offers nearly 280 surface parking spaces to benefit downtown businesses and visitors, enhancing the area’s appeal for evening and weekend plaza activities.  Complementing these developments is the Oakley Entrepreneur Center, which was established in 2019. Located at the heart of downtown Main Street, the center is a cornerstone of the city’s strategy to nurture microenterprises and entrepreneurial landscapes.


These initiatives reflect Oakley’s commitment to enhancing its urban infrastructure and fostering a vibrant, diverse business community, positioning the city as an emerging hub for transportation and entrepreneurship in the region.


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